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What is E-Sign?

E-Sign is provided by Adobe that allows for the electronic signing of documents which can are recognised as contractually binding.

This method of electronically signing documents makes for a faster more efficient method of activating contracts for both the custmer and company alike.

Some of our funders use moving towards using this online tool as well as Carmyke.

How does it work?

You will be sent an email from the E-Sign server requesting signatures for your agreement. Although a PDF copy of the document is attached to the email, this is not the copy you will be signing as it is securely held on the E-Sign servers.

Once you have clicked the link to 'review and sign'  the document, your browser should open and you will be taken to the relevent document to sign.

Follow the requests and guides to sign all relevent marked signature blocks and when you are finished hit the 'Click to sign' button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not try to forward the email notification as you would a regular email, this will not work.

Example of notification email

You have the ability to either sign using the 'script' font or you can choose to sign using either your mouse, finger if on a tablet or pen if you have a slate you can use.

  • Once complete we will recieve notification and you will be given the opportunity to download a copy of the signed agreement for your records.

Can I get someone else to sign it?

Example of 'delegation screen'

'Delegating' or forwarding to anonther person who has the delegation or is the contract proposer to sign these documents can also be done. Again this 'link' will open your browser and take you to where you can submit the appropraite email address with an accompanying message.

REMEMBER: For Personal Contract Hire it MUST be signed by the person named in the finance contract documents generated by the funder.

Read more about Adobe's E-Sign HERE

If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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