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Common questions about Contract Hire and Leasing...

If you have never previously had a contract hire vehicle, please see our 'Order Process' which may help as well as the Q&A's below.

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Diesel Particulate Filters

Please be aware:

'Vehicles mostly driven on short trips or in an urban environment, may not achieve the speed, temperature and time needed for the DPF to complete the cleaning process. This often results in the DPF warning light being displayed. If the vehicle continues to be driven in the same way and with the warning light displayed, it's likely the filter or the engine will be damaged.Neither is covered by the manufacturer warranty.'

View Information Sheet (RAC)

Before I lease?

Q1. What is the difference between Personal and Business Contract Hire?
A. The rentals will be similar but the personal contract hire rate will include Vat, whereas a business will treat the Vat differently. The contracts are structured in a similar way and subject to underwriting in the normal way.Read more...


Q2. How can I compare running costs for my shortlisted vehicles?
A. FleetNews have a very helpful costs comparison tool on their website HERE that you may find very helpful in coming to a decision.

Q3 What will my BIK (Benefit In Kind) be as a business user?
A. While we cannot give advice on individual BIK calculations, we do advise you speak to a suitably qualified professional or alternatively use the HMRC online calculator HERE

Q4. I have Cherished Plates, can I have them on my lease car?
A. These can be put on your vehicle after delivery but must be removed in good time before collection as most leasing companies will not collect a vehicle with a Cherished Plate on and this can take up to 28 days to arrange. Please email for more details and please note in some cases an administration fee will apply and you will still have to pay the rentals until the vehicle is collected.

Q5. Who is responsible for insuring my vehicle?
A. The vehicle must be insured by the user, you, on a fully comprehensive policy.

Q6. Can I use my local dealership to supply my vehicle?
A. Yes and we can negotiate terms with them, but if they do not meet our terms of supply, then your rentals could increase. We would prefer to use our supplier network as they are used to our funders payment terms.

Q7. Can I reclaim VAT on my payments?
A. If you are a business user then you are able to reclaim the Vat on rentals. You may only reclaim 50% of the Vat if the vehicle is used for both business and social use. You may be able to reclaim 100% of the Vat if the vehicle is solely used for business, but this may be more applicable to commercial vehicles. We recommend that you contact your accountant for further information on this.

Q8. I may take my lease vehicle Abroad, what do I need to do prior to this?
A. When travelling abroad, you will need documentation from the 'owner' of the vehicle giving permission for you the 'user' to have the vehicle. For this you will need an E-103 document. To completed this process please email or call us with the registration number, drivers names and countries you will be visiting and the dates of travel. Please ensure you have sufficient time to get the paperwork completed which normally takes 14-21 working days in most circumstances.

Q9. If my circumstance change can I Early Terminate the agreement?
A. Yes. You can terminate the contract at any time before the end of the term, but this will likely incur penalties. We would try to reduce any costs to a minimum but this is driven by the relevant funder.Please email customer services with your current mileage and we will request a termination cost for you. In most cases leasing companies will look for between 50-55% of the outstanding rentals as well as any excess mileage charges that may apply. Please email for this service.

Through the life of the lease

ARVAL DRIVER HELPLINE- 0370 600 4499 (Maintained contracts, Servicing, Tyres, Travel Abroad, Breakdown)
LEX VEHICLE SERVICE MANAGEMENT- 0344 879 6000 (Maintained contracts, Servicing, Tyres, Travel Abroad, Breakdown)

Q11. Can I change my vehicle for any other mid-term?
A. This is not possible within the same agreement therefore the original contract must be terminated and charges will probably apply. Once this is done a new agreement can be quoted.

Q12. What happens if I exceed my contracted mileage?
A. You will pay an excess mileage penalty of 'x' pence per mile over the contracted mileage. This rate will be included in your quotation prior to agreement. We help to keep these charges to a minimum and the excess mileage charge is payable at the contract end.

Q13. Where do I take my vehicle for servicing?
A. All vehicles must follow the manufacturers service guide for that model. We recommend franchised dealer for servicing however as the vehicle is 'owned' by the respective finance company, they may request that it is serviced at a franchised dealership or suitably qualified independent using original parts. If you have an ARVAL Contract Hire you can book your service online HERE
For LEX contract hire book HERE

Q14. What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
A. Breakdowns are normally covered under the manufacturer's warranty, but this depends on the type of incident, i.e. mechanical breakdown or accident damage. All maintenance contracts we provide have roadside assistance included as standard for the contract duration, and a pack is provided with each vehicle to explain what is included.

Q15. I need a Parking Permits for my vehicle, how do I go about this?
A. For copies of V5's or letters of authority etc. please email

Q16. I may not have a large enough annual mileage allowance, can I increase this?
A. There must be a minimum of 6 payments left on your contract for us to request a mileage amendment, so please keep an eye on your vehicles mileage and request this in good time. It can sometimes work out cost effective to amend the mileage and pay off any additional rentals/costs etc over the last twelve months of the lease. Most businesses do not normally budget for a large excess mileage bills at the end of their vehicle term especially if there are refurbishment charges and you need to put down three rentals for a new vehicle. Please email the new total mileage required.

Q17. Can I change the contract length and mileage mid-term?
A. This is possible but it will depend on your contract. Please ask and we will arrange the figures for you if this is possible.
Please email with your registration number and confirm whether you require a 6 or 12 month quotation (or both) along with your new total contract mileage requirement.
Mileage amendments and extensions of terms are not available on Regulated contracts (not just PCH).

End of Contract

Q18. Can I purchase my vehicle at the end of the contract?
A. Not for Personal Contract Hire and limited for Business Contract Hire. Business users would have the ability to have third party associates purchase the vehicle. This option is only available on certain types of Contract. Please enquire for further details.

Q19. How do I arrange collection of my vehicle at the end of my agreement?
A. Please give us at least 7 working days’ notice for collections. We required the date for collection along with the collection address, contact name and contact telephone number(s) by email to

Q20. When I return my vehicle, what are the considerations I need to be aware of for condition?
A. On their return, leasing vehicles are judged against an industry standard 'Fair Wear and Tear' guidelines. Please note that this is wear and tear from 'normal' usage, any 'damage' to the vehicles body, paintwork, interior or wheels for example would not be acceptable as 'fair wear and tear'. The BVRLA have some good guidance HERE.

Q21. Can I purchase my lease car at the end of my agreement?
A. Please email with your vehicles registration number, current mileage and purchaser's name, address and contact telephone number. Please note that most Finance Companies cannot sell a leased vehicle to the company leasing it or a director of that company. Normally we cannot get purchase prices until the last 28 days of the contract, but some leasing companies will give an indication within the last three months of the lease term.

Leasing and UK Law

For information on driving in the UK, The Highway Code is a good starting point. HERE

Q22. I understand there are new laws regarding driving under the influence of drugs in the UK, what do I need to know?
A. The new legislation in into being on the 2nd March 2015. Although assessment is in a similar way to that of driving under the influence of drink, this GOV.UK site explains some of the details particularly regarding prescription drugs.

Q23. Although I have to insure my own vehicle, can I check that it is insured and registered on the Motor Insurance Database (MID)?
A. If you feel you need to check your vehicle is insured, you can check your own vehicle free by using the askMID website.

Q24. Now that the Road Fund Licence (tax disc) rules have changed, how do I check my vehicle status?
A. If you do need to check your vehicles road tax status, please use this GOV.UK tool. Just input your vehicles details and you will get an instant result.

Q25. The paper counterpart to the UK driving licence has no legal status after 8th June 2015, how do I find out my licence details including if I need to hire a vehicle?
A. Information on the changes to the driving licence counterpart can be found HERE. You can check your licence details on this GOV.UK tool. You can also generate a code to share your details with your employer or a car hire firm for example.

Q26. What is the speed limit for the vehicle I am looking to have?
A. As you will be aware, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they comply with all relevant laws while using a vehicle. In terms of speed limits that apply to vehicle categories the GOV.UK web site may be of assistance.

Please feel free to just call us on 01323 834 560 if you have any other questions or use our contact page to send us a message.

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